Legacy. It’s a word that’s been dancing in my mind for months. As it danced, so it felt increasingly important. Increasingly relevant. Increasingly urgent. And, as legacy danced, so I found myself wondering – and not in any way morbidly or pessimistically – if I were to die today, what would my life amount to? […]

Know yourself

Just who do you think you are? That’s not asked with even the slightest hint of indignation, it’s a genuine question: who do you think you are? Take a moment to think about how you might answer that question, and while you do that, let me run through a few thoughts and ideas that may […]

Channel you inner salmon

“Just go with the flow, man.” It’s the battle cry of hipsters, the mantra of the ‘spiritual’ and the ‘enlightened’. Going with the flow is the cool way to live. Maybe, if you believe the hype, it’s actually the only way to approach life. Why get worked up? Why stress? Why strive? Why struggle? Just […]

Define your own reality

In these strange days of a global pandemic, with its lockdowns, distancing, isolation, panic-buying and more, never more has it been so important to hold onto one simple, yet powerful, message: your present circumstances are temporary; and they do not have to define your future reality, unless you allow them to. I heard Greg Hartle […]

Everyone needs someone

Whether it’s in your business, your family, your wider social circles, or in the adventure into your real life, without relationships – good, healthy, solid relationships – you, and your endeavours, will never reach the heights you dream of. And yet, especially when it comes to the adventure of your real life, all too often […]

Expand your horizons

The best is yet to come. There, I said it: no matter how good it may be, today is not the end game, not the final destination, not the pinnacle of all life has in store for you. No, the best is still ahead of you. But the fact that the best is yet to […]

Find your middle

Do you spend time wondering if you’re making the right decision, or if you’re in the right place, or if it’s the right time?  I do. Or, at least I did. You see, I’ve become convinced that there is no right decision, right place or right time.  Instead, there’s a ‘sweet spot’ – your ‘middle’. […]

First, help yourself

Live a Big Life is an adventure. It is an outworking of everything that sits at the core of who I am. It flows out of a burning desire to stir up a revolution that equips and empowers an entire generation to pursue the adventure into their real lives. But, as admirable as it may […]

Get to grips with your passions

Time is precious – you only have so much of it, and you never get back time that you lose, or waste. So, wasting time on things that don’t put a smile on your face – things that you aren’t passionate about – is something you want to avoid, if you can. Now, I’m a […]

Happiness on purpose…

… or, breaking free of the Hedonic Treadmill. Let me ask you a question: does it sometimes feel like finding happiness is about as easy as herding cats? You seem to find it and take hold of it, but then it slips right through your fingers, leaving you back in the doldrums and in search […]