Sometimnes there’s just more to talk about than Twitter’s 280 characters or LinkedIn’s 1300 will allow. When that happens, I come here and let my thoughts unfold. I’d love you to join the conversation, to get your take on things and hear your questions.

Are you playing it safe?

You may be one of the few people walking the earth who is genuinely living their real life. But, if you can’t count yourself among that number, why is that?

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Are you talking about me?

[SPOILER ALERT: THIS IS QUITE A LONG STORY, BUT IT’S WORTH THE READ] Allow me to introduce you to Jay (not his real name, by the way). I ran into

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Live strong

What’s the meaning of your life? What’s its purpose? What are you living for? To raise happy kids? To be a great husband, or wife? A good dad, or mum?

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Life is not a formula

After university, I trained as an accountant. But, while I trained to be an accountant, I soon had it confirmed to me that an accountant I am not. Oh, sure, I

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Learn to love yourself

Last week, I introduced the idea that too many of us spend far too long living as an interpretation of who we are meant to be. I want to expand

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It’s OK to admit defeat

I’d felt like this before. Nearly twenty years ago, in fact, right before I had a complete and catastrophic meltdown. Not the most treasured period of my life, but a

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